Blogger Legal Blogger Affiliate Program

Blogger Legal Blogger Affiliate Program

Become an Affiliate

Blogger Legal is a site for bloggers like you who are on a mission to grow your business and need templates and guides to help you along the way. If you love our products and would like to earn a commission referring people to our site, then this affiliate program is for you!  As an affiliate you’ll earn 30% of the initial sale you refer.

Example: You refer a reader from your blog who purchases 4 contracts and 4 guides. The total of the order comes to $246.00 bringing you a referral of $73.80 just for sending the customer our way!

Some more details about the Blogger Legal Blogger Affiliate Program:

  • 30% commission on first sale.
  • 90-day return cookie which means you’ll get credit up to three months after someone visits our site thanks to you.
  • Banners and text links to help you create content about our products/site.
  • Responsive affiliate support via email.
  • Monthly payments via Paypal.

The application takes just a few minutes to complete and is typically reviewed within two business days. You will receive a decision via email based upon the qualities of your application.

Some of these qualifications include, but are not limited to:

  • Is your site written in English? We currently do not accept sites that are not in English as we do not have the ability to review them for content.
  • Do you own your own domain, or are you blogging via a hosted free WordPress/Blogger account (i.e., vs.
  • Do you have an audience that you interact with via your blog or social media.
  • Does your blog have a generally good design/reader experience.
  • Immediate Disqualifications include: Anything illegal, porn, hate speech, guns/weapons, drugs, gambling, spam filled content, keyword spamming, etc.

If this seems intimidating, don’t be concerned, most of the things we are looking for are the same qualities that made you a successful enough blogger to need our products. We include this list because, well, we are attorneys who like to cover our bases. If you have any questions about the affiliate program, or your application to become an affiliate, please contact us at [email protected]

Apply for the Blogger Legal Blogger Affiliate Program today:

Once you have purchased your first product through us, you can apply to our program in the “Affiliate Dashboard” page of your “My Account” drop-down menu. To become an affiliate you have to have purchased at least one product. We want our affiliates to have first hand knowledge of the quality of the product before recommending it to others.


Blogger Legal Blogger Affiliate Program